Arboria Luminarium

As a new Lightwaves Festival is about to start, I gathered some photographs below taken at the last Quays Culture event. Arboria Luminarium was erected in the main plaza of Media City. As someone who’s always interested in experiencing light in interesting ways, I do love to go along to events such as these.

After waiting a good long while to gain entry, we entered to find a world of glorious, immersive colour. Exploring the interlinked corridors and domes revealed a variety of primary coloured locations, with stylised leaf motifs visible overhead within the domes (pictured in the header image). It was an intense, immersive experience, with the overwhelming nature of the lighting allowing me to create a variety of striking imagery which is featured both above and below.

It was fun to experiment with the available shapes and colours, finding interesting angles trying not to capture the location without the many visitors both appearing in the shots. Kids loved the place, running pell-mell in all directions. It could be disorientating, especially when trying to keep track of a fast vanishing small body as ran around a corner. Considering that the installation didn’t cover all that much space, it was still a maze-like environment.