Blu tack Landscapes

Above and below are the first results of an idea I’ve had for a few years now. During long telephone conversations at work, I used to idly play with a ball of blu tack, pulling it apart in a long strand before reforming it back into a ball. It’s very therapeutic and I highly recommend doing so.

Over time, the tack starts to become more and more fibrous through constant stretching. Small parts start to break off and you can create unusual looking shapes and structures, with thin strands linking them together before falling away. I’ve always wondering about using the resulting materials to create miniature landscapes scenes of blue waves or mountains. A quick search online for similar work has highlighted some interesting sculptures (the giant spider is something to see), but nothing of a similar nature.

The photographs here are the initial “proof of concept” of that idea, created once I’d accumulated enough blu tack together. I’m planning on taking more photographs in the future, potentially adding colour somehow to the tack to add some contrast against the blu(e)ness.