Whitworth Frost Fair

Whitworth Art Gallery‘s Frost Fair took place earlier this month over a cold December weekend. For me, the highlight on the event was witnessing Walk The Plank‘s Ice Queen performance on the courtyard. Lasting around 20 minutes, the show featured a large-scale metallic puppet which was controlled by 4 operators (1 inside and 3 outside) and featured both fire and “snow” being shot into the night’s sky.

Through puppetry and music, a short story of the queen’s changing moods was enacted, climaxing in plumes of flames shooting upwards with increasing intensity from the roof of the Whitworth’s entrance. One lovely moment was when a small group of children ran forward to play in the “snow” spraying in an arc behind the queen as she traversed the square.

Below is a small selection of my photographs of the performance. More photographs can be found here.