Lightwaves 2016 at Salford Quays

Lightwaves 2016 took place in mid-December, with pieces of light art dotted all across Salford Quays. Organised as always by Quays Culture, who’ve been responsible for some interesting events in recent years, my favourite being Aeolian Light back in  January 2015.

Due to high winds when I was visiting, I didn’t get to see a couple of the pieces – Footsteps and Fire Flies – as they were turned off, and unfortunately I couldn’t photograph Heart Beat by GNI projects, as no-one was willing to hold hands to activate the piece while I was passing by. But some of the artwork I did see was beautiful to behold.

Alongside donations from the Blackpool illuminations – I didn’t expect the Dalek’s head to swivel and it cry out “Exterminate” – there was Voyage by Aether & Hemera, featuring 198 origami boats floating in Dock 9.  I didn’t have time to play with the website to create my own patterns, but the designs being created by other visitors were certainly pleasing.

My pick though was Today I Love You, created by Massimo Uberti & Marco Pollice. A simple, elegant message conveyed with a simple, elegant font and simple, elegant lighting. Simple. And elegant.