Gwrych Castle

I recently added an entry on Atlas Obscura about Gwrych Castle, which went live a few days ago. It was interesting doing the background reading for the article because, whilst I’ve been aware of the castle most of my life, I’d never properly researched its history. To me, it was always the “fake” castle on the hill above my home town. It’s hard to believe it was once known as “The Showpiece of Wales” given its current condition.

Apart from a vaguely remembered jousting event many years ago, I only visited the castle once whilst I lived nearby. I believe I still have the photographs I took stored away somewhere.

Thankfully, after years of neglect, the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust took control of the place in June of this year, with it now possible to explore the grounds. The photographs above, below and part of the article taken during a recent visit.

It’ll be many years before it’s restored to its former glory, but at least the castle is in good hands now. If you’d like to support the work of the trust, you can join for a one-off yearly fee of £15 here. More of my photographs of the castle can be found on Flickr.